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 We aren’t talking re-engineering. We aren’t talking farming technology or re-inventing the wheel. We are talking food that’s been re-thought.  

And it all began with one question, as it most often does –Why can’t my food taste good, be natural, easy to make and be good for my body   

At Bhukkad, we are proud to say that we have cracked the code. We make food that’s fast, natural, exciting, accessible, awesome to taste and easy on the pocket. The dream of bridging the gap between health and fast food is now real.    

And all it takes is a little effort and a wee bit of thought - Make food fresh. Add less preservatives. Keep it as wholesome & natural as possible. Keep innovating. 

Fresh Ingredients

Casual shouldn't mean stale food options. Great taste is the name of the game and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. We are dedicated to providing fresh options for our customers.

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Have time to sit in?  Relax on  our bar-style seating; we have free Wi-Fi in some outlets

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